Our gas furnace (heater) went out a couple days ago. We live in Louisiana, so there’s a good chance we won’t need it for months. I’m not smart enough to fix it (despite my best attempts), so repairman is coming tomorrow.

Wow. Machado to the Padres. I honestly thought that rumor was just a ploy for bargaining reasons.

I have zero problems posting from Quill, but micro.blog is another story. At least so far.

Attempting to add micropub endpoints to my blog. Giving me a headache for some reason.

When Brigsby hears a plane or helicopter flying overhead, he runs to the window and says, “I see, I see!” He LOVES planes.

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We ate Indian food, walked around downtown Lafayette, bought a couple of Brixton hats on sale, took pictures, and had a great time.

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