I just got a notice from my favorite entertainment option in Maui that they’ll be renovating the entire time we’re there in December. 😭

A day late, but here it is.

I have an excellent condition camera kit available for sale if anyone is interested.

  • Sony a6500
  • Sony 18-105mm f4
  • Sony 35mm f1.8
  • 72mm Neutral Density Filter
  • 3 Batteries
  • 1 Charger
  • Bag

On Amazon, that would be over $2400. Asking $1900. Will ship. Please share.

We’re back home now, but we had a fantastic time in Colorado with family. It was nice to experience 80° instead of 105°.

iOS 12: The MacStories Review

After years of unabated visual and functional changes, iOS 12 is Apple’s opportunity to regroup and reassess the foundation before the next big step – with one notable exception.

Viticci always goes above and beyond with his iOS reviews. This year’s is no exception.

It’s officially out! You can now download Shortcuts by Apple. I’ve been using it for a while now in beta and can’t say enough good things about it. Download it, learn it, use it.

Parenting life.

✓ Wallet ✓ Keys ✓ Hot Wheel

I was sitting in my 11th grade USA History class on 9/11 when the principal came on the intercom & directed all teachers to turn on TVs. The halls were eerily quiet as students hurried from class to class as quickly as possible to make sure they didn’t miss anything. 🇺🇸

Network Backups and AirPrinting

I’m doing some network cleaning up at my home and office and thought others could benefit from a couple of things I did.

Time Machine Backups Over the Network

You can now connect a hard drive to any always on Mac on your network, plug in an external hard drive, and automatically backup all computers directly to it.

Stephen Hackett has a quick setup guide on 512 Pixels.

Use AirPrint with ANY Printer

If you have a printer connected to a computer, you can enable AirPrint (printing from iPhones and iPads) on it using an excellent utility called Printopia. It’s super simple to setup and just works.

Hey, parents. Buy Buy Baby (Bed Bath & Beyond) has Maclaren strollers seriously marked down, and you can use a 20% off coupon (in store only). Just picked up the Maclaren Triumph Kit for only $100.