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Our amazing son, Brigsby, was born a little over 6 months ago. In the time up to birth and since, we have found a lot of very useful products (and some not so much). Here’s a list of some of our favorite things for a baby.

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Dock A Tot Deluxe - Yes, it’s expensive. But it has been more than worth it for us. We’re able to sleep much better at night knowing that we don’t need to worry about rolling over on Brigsby. Having him in the bed with us in the early months also eases anxiety and limits those phantom baby cries you may hear in your sleep.

Boppy Nursing Pillow - This has been a lifesaver for my wife as she breastfeeds. It’s also useful for propping up your baby pretty much anywhere in the house. Surprising to me, I’ve actually used it a bit to save my arms from time to time.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor - There are so many options available for baby monitors; however, this is a clearcut winner when it comes to quality. The current trend is for internet connected baby monitors, but there are too many drawbacks to even consider using those. This monitor is perfect. It can standalone or be mounted. It can pan, tilt, and zoom from the remote viewer. It transmits audio. It allows you to turn off the video screen and just hear audio (or vice versa). It displays room temperate. Basically, it’s perfect.

OXO Tot PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser - This is an absolute must buy! If you’ve ever tried pulling wipes out of one of those cheap dispensers, you already know how frustrating those can be. They slide on the table. When they’re low on wipes, they’ll lift up off of the table. Half the time, they won’t tear apart the wipes. This dispenser solves all of those issues, and it’s easier to refill. Having one of these makes life better than you can imagine.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - This is another item that has helped maintain our sanity. The benefit of pacifiers in general is no secret. This pacifier builds on that. Infants can have trouble keeping a traditional pacifier in their mouths (leading to crying fits). This one makes it easier for them to keep in their mouth and for you to help with the task. It’s not a huge investment, but it does have huge payoffs.

Solly Baby Wrap - My wife, Kalena, loves her baby wrap. It allows her to easily carry Brigsby and keep her hands free for other tasks. Perfect for shopping and doing things around the house. One added benefit: Makes it really easy to say NO when someone strange asks to hold your baby.

Car Seat, Docking Base, and Stroller - There are seemingly limitless options available, and we felt overwhelmed trying to make the right decision. We settled on this one after considering safety ratings, functionality, weight, design, and price. While the high end options are tempting, there’s no logical reason to spend more for them. We’ve been happy with the purchase.

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets - These are fantastic! They feel amazing and they’re useful in many different cases, not just swaddling. They come in a 4-pack and are worth every penny.

Summer Infant Changing Pad - You will definitely need a good changing pad in your nursery. This one doesn’t break the bank and serves the purpose perfectly. Just place it on top of your changing table and you’re ready to go to work. If your changing table has a slick surface like ours, just add a piece of that stuff you put under rugs to keep them from sliding (available for cheap everywhere).

Skip Hop Portable Changing Station - When you have to change a diaper outside of your home, you don’t have many great options. This changing station folds up, has a handle, and holds everything you need. It’s great for a quick diaper change on a car seat, at a friend’s house, or anywhere else. We have gotten so much use out of ours, I’ve considered buying a second one.

Fisher-Price Rock & Play Sleeper - This is a great, affordable rocker. You can easily rock it yourself using your hand or foot. If your baby is awake, his subtle movements will rock it on its own. It even has a battery powered feature that makes it vibrate to sooth the baby. We use this multiple times a day and travel with it when possible.

Amber Teething Necklace - This is a miracle worker. Honestly, I didn’t believe when other parents sang the praises of this product. I always thought they were being tricked by some mental voodoo. I can’t stress enough how wrong I was! We noticed almost immediate improvements (despite my skepticism) when we put this on Brigbsy. Must buy.

Other Stuff We Use:

To be clear, we didn’t buy multiple versions of products in each category and test them out. Instead, we did as much research as possible and tried to make educated decisions. All of the items listed above are the ones we consider wins. We depended heavily on the experience and opinions of others as well (such as Marco Arment and Casey Liss).

If you have any questions about these or other products, feel free to reach out to me or Kalena at anytime.

Matt Langford @Mtt

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