The Best Vacuum Cleaner

In my search for the best vacuum cleaner, I spent hours upon hours researching. My experience with Oreck, Shark, and a few others also helped guide me. Here are the things I was looking for in a vacuum cleaner:

  • Highly regarded warranty
  • High performance on carpet, rugs, and hard floors
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Easy to clean (whether bags or bagless)
  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting

As is the case with most things I buy, I was viewing this purchase as an investment. I was completely fine with spending more on a quality vacuum if its long-term cost was equal to or less than buying/replacing/servicing inferior equipment. I was not interested in robotic vacuums. Let the games begin.

Based on my existing knowledge, I thought I’d first look at Dyson and Oreck. Oreck seems to have the long lasting reputation for quality and Dyson is by far the trendiest product. It didn’t take long; however, to eliminate both of those from consideration.

While Oreck still has a solid reputation, they didn’t have anything that fully met my needs. They seem to be the product more suited for commercial applications (such as hotel environments). I needed something more flexible and suitable for a home.

Dyson quickly began to seem like the right choice. That’s when I began to see reviews from the real experts. Many people fall down the Dyson marketing hole and believe the hype. However, when it comes to comparing their performance with their price point, their vacuum cleaners are quite the disappointment. I would be better served buying a budget Shark vacuum over a Dyson.

So now what?

That’s when I stumbled across Miele (pronounced Me-La). Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end appliances, most known for their excellent canister vacuum cleaners. I’d never used a canister vacuum before, and they honestly seemed like a pain in the butt to deal with. But the more I dug into it, the more impressed I became.


Miele vacuum cleaners can last 2 decades easily. They have an incredible included warranty. They’re very flexible and lightweight. They have many attachment options which can clean just about anything.

While the purchase price seemed high, the fact that they frequently last years upon years more than mitigates that upfront cost. In fact, in the last 10 years, I’ve easily spent more money replacing cheap vacuums than I will have spent on this one if it lasts that long (and it could last twice as long). Let’s buy this thing.

When I received it, my first impression was very positive. It seemed extremely well made and fantastically designed. Accessing the bag (bag vacuums are way better than bagless) and filters is a breeze and changing them out is as sanitary as anything. The attachments live inside the canister so I don’t need a special place for all of the extras. It has a long power cord that coils itself when you’re finished vacuuming. The wheels are well made and don’t do damage to any floor surface. It has 6 (SIX!) suction modes with clear labels.

Miele Cord

As for performance, I couldn’t be happier. While it took a short while to get used to the art of vacuuming with a canister vacuum, I can’t see myself going back to an upright any time soon. The canister style allows for extreme maneuverability and reachability. It’s very easy to vacuum underneath a couch, reach between closely positioned furniture, or even vacuum the curtains/fans/upholstery throughout the house. It’s also very easy to see how well it picks up pretty much anything. Where I used to have to pass multiple times with old vacuum cleaners, I now only have to pass one time. I’m still amazed by the fresh smell of the house after I vacuum.

It has an indicator that alerts you when the bag needs to be changed. It stands upright and allows you to dock the wand to the canister for easy storage. It looks so great that I almost want guests to see it and ask about it.

If you’re in the market for a quality vacuum cleaner, the Miele Complete C2 is a no-brainer. While they have other versions/options, 99% of people will be happy with this model.

Matt Langford @Mtt

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