App Suggestion: Workflow



Workflow is on of the most powerful iOS apps available. It allows you to create automations that accomplish things that were very complicated (or impossible) previously. You can do things such as convert Live Photos to gifs or things much more complicated.

For instance, I used Workflow to format this entire post. I simply hit the share button in the App Store and Workflow got the link to the app, converted it into an affiliate link, downloaded the app icon, downloaded the app screenshots, combined the screenshots and icon into the above graphic, and passed all that information to a text editing app where I typed out this part and published to the blog. Previously, that would’ve taken quite a while to accomplish. Workflow did it in less than 10 seconds.

There is a little bit of a learning curve to the app, but once you understand it, it’ll change the way you accomplish tasks on your device. It’s a must have app for me. I would honestly pay triple what they ask.

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Matt Langford @Mtt

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