My iPhone X Home Screen

With the radical new design of the iPhone X, I had to rethink my home screen background and apps. This is how my iPhone is currently setup.iPhone X Home Screen

A few notes:

  • The background is one of the new stock backgrounds available in iOS 11.2.
  • My current weather app of choice is Hello Weather. Patiently waiting for them to add a true black dark theme, however.
  • I try to use Apple Maps when possible (I have a vehicle with CarPlay), but I also have Google Maps on my phone as a backup.
  • Fantastical has been my calendar replacement app for a long time.
  • I use the excellent Overcast app for podcasts. The new true black dark mode is incredible on the iPhone X.
  • I use Unread as my RSS Reader. They have an excellent true black theme as well.

I’m always tweaking things here and there, so no telling how long this will last.

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Matt Langford @Mtt

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