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A Few Product Suggestions

Here are a few products I’ve used in the last few months that I highly recommend. Everything on the list is $40 or less.

  1. Peak Design Field Pouch - Perfect for many things. Cable and charger organizer, mini diaper bag, point and shoot camera bag, etc.
  2. Leatherman Micra - A fantastic little keychain multi-tool. Great for small tasks like cutting a loose thread, tightening a screw on a kid’s toy, pulling out a splinter, and more.
  3. Fintie AppleTV Remote Case - Gives the AppleTV remote a gripable texture and makes it easier to know which way the remote is pointing in the dark. Lots of color options and super cheap.
  4. Retro 1951 Tornado Rollerball Pen - One of the best pens (with one of the best refills) you can find for the price. Pair this with a Rhodia Pad of your choice and you have a winning combination.
  5. Hitch and Timber Pocket Slip - A great little front pocket organizer. I put a Cadet and Space Pen in mine, but there are many possible uses.
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