Matt Langford

A Little About Privacy and Security on the Internet

I am by no means an expert on privacy and security, but I do know more than the average person. If you’re at all concerned about the privacy and security of your digital life, here are a few things I suggest.

Use a Password Manager

This is a no brainer. Apps like 1Password help you create complex and different passwords for every site you visit. It works across all platforms and eliminates the need to ever remember a password again. If you only do one thing, do this one.

Use a VPN

If you frequently use public WiFi (whether at your friend’s house or a coffee shop or airport), I suggest using a VPN. My suggestion is

Don’t Share Your WiFi Password

You may trust your friends, but do you trust their devices and technical knowledge. Create a guest network on your router if you can and give them that password. Set a reminder to change that password from time to time (doesn’t have to be super frequently).

Use a Content Blocker

If you have an iPhone, use an app like Wipr to clean up the web and limit ads and tracking. I’m sure Android has good apps for this too.

Delete Facebook

Seriously. Deleting the Facebook app (even better, your whole account) will help with almost everything (not to mention vastly improving your device’s battery life).

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