Matt Langford

Dear Terror

This was originally published on Medium and featured on NBC News and various other media outlets. I’ve opted to re-post here for safekeeping.

You showed your evil face to us last night when you senselessly acted out. You, terror, flexed your muscles in an attempt to intimidate us. But you see, this time you picked on the wrong people. You picked on a group that doesn’t respond in that fearsome way you may have expected.

When you looked into our eyes, we started to run. But to your surprise, we ran right at you. You initiated our built in fight response. You caused us, a city known as the happiest in America, to unite in a way that you couldn’t have expected. This happened immediately within that room, but it also started throughout our community.

While our nation fights the evils of racism and inequality, our city will lead by example. Whites and blacks will stand together. Christians and atheists will fight alongside each other. Young and old will stand as a barrier around our city.

You put us in the fire with the expectation of burning us. Instead, we were strengthened. We do not simply possess American Resolve. We ARE American Resolve. You did what you thought you needed to do, terror.

Well, you better run because we are doing what we know we NEED to do. Jillian Johnson and Mayci Breaux won’t simply live on in our memories. They will live on in our spirit as we honor them by destroying you.

We will mourn. We will memorialize. We will lay flowers.

Then we will rise up and show America how weak and pitiful you really are. You simply don’t stand a chance.

Yours truly,