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5 Products for Dads to Get Now

After two babies, @Kalena and I have found a few products that make the whole keep-the-kids-alive-and-happy-without-ever-getting-any-sleep-for-yourself easier. Here goes nothing.

  • UBBI Diaper Pail - Much better than the more popular Diaper Genie types. You can use normal trash bags (much cheaper), and it limits the smell much better.
  • Magna Qubix - Amazing magnetic blocks that make for perfect restaurant entertainment.
  • Fuji X100f - So we hit another price point here, but this is more than worth it. Amazing photos from an easy to use and cool looking camera.
  • iFixit Precision Driver Kit - Let’s face it, you’re going to be fixing toys, opening impossible to open battery compartments, and assembling tiny electronics. This kit will save you SO many headaches. Get a nice magnetic bowl to go with it for screws and pieces. That leads me to:
  • Benchmade Proper - You need a great pocket knife. This one looks amazing, doesn’t look like you’re about to go into combat, and always gets the job done.

I could go on for miles with product suggestions, but I’ll stop there for now. Let me know if you have any questions, want a suggestion at a different price point, or have a suggestion for me.

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