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Braves Journal Notes

Coat of Paint

  • Separate and design widgets
  • Fix navigation bar (priority)
  • Fix the categories navigation
  • Redesign navigation bar (secondary)
  • Remove footer attribution
  • Improve comment form
  • Remove image icons that are everywhere
  • Add author bios
  • Optimize spacing on mobile
  • Increase logo size
  • Add MAC BUILT to logo
  • Resize YouTube embedded videos
  • Fix display issue with YouTube embedded videos in comments
  • Add badges to authors and admins
  • Added Patreon and Store
  • Remove unusued plugins
  • Replace security risk plugins
  • Replace outdated plugins
  • Investigate site slowness
  • Basic SEO improvements
  • Compress and optimize old images
  • Better implementation of Google AdSense code

Known and Reported Bugs

  • NOT ADDRESSED: Enable SSL on site (requires host access)
  • NOT ADDRESSED: Upgrade PHP (requires host access)
  • SOLVED: Existing users having serious caching issues
  • SOLVED: Spam limiting for registered accounts needs addressed
  • SOLVED: Admins auto logout when accessing most recent post
  • SOLVED: Sitemaps not updating correctly for 10+ years
  • SOLVED: Combine duplicate admin accounts
  • SOLVED: Comment Image embed security risks
  • SOLVED: Twitter widget running into rate limits
  • SOLVED: Braves news widget misconfigured
  • SOLVED: 14,000 Database Errors via diagnostic
  • SOLVED: oEmbed in Comments is crazy
Matt Langford @Mtt