Fast Charging iPhones and iPads

Apple makes a lot of different chargers and cables for a lot of different devices. Most of them can be used for any of their products. Since I recently got a new iPad Pro 3rd Gen, I dove into the numbers to see what is best to get.

First, these are what comes with the various devices devices:

And the other products they offer:

The latest generation iPhones can take advantage of all chargers up to 30 watts. While they can use the higher wattage chargers, there is no added benefit to them. You will also need a USB-C to Lightning cable to use the USB-C chargers.

The latest generation iPad Pros can use the same chargers from the above list as the iPhone, but they have a maximum wattage of 45 watts. Apple doesn’t currently sell a 45 watt charger, so you would either need the 61 watt from Apple or a 45 watt from a third party. Since the new iPad Pros are USB-C, you can use the included cable with these chargers.

This information is not documented very well by Apple, so it required some research to figure all of this out. Thanks to ATP for providing some of the details.

  1. As of November 2018, this item is not available for purchase individually. I’m sure this will change soon.Β