Kalena and I were able to have most of the day to ourselves as a pre-Valentine’s Day date. We hit the town, snapping this at the start of the adventure.

Matt and Kalena

New Emoji List for 2019 Announced →

According to Emojipedia, there are 230 new emoji in total. These include a sloth, waffle, skunk, sari, white and brown hearts, and much more. Among the most noteworthy additions is a group of emoji representing people with disabilities, which was actually proposed by Apple last March.

Reminder: If you have a Flickr account, download your images as soon as possible. Unless you’re moving to a paid account, there is a high chance you’ll lose photos. They’ve made it easy to download photos for this reason.

I’m in need of a good receipt scanning/tracking app for iOS. I don’t need expense reporting or reimbursement features. Any suggestions?