I’m working on enabling posts to my blog (and micro.blog and Twitter) seamlessly through Drafts. No Working Copy, no Shortcuts, just Drafts. Might be biting off more than I can chew.

I’m not a very emotional guy in general. But now that I have a kid, hearing of tragedies involving kids his age definitely can mess me up. Even fictional TV shows. I am getting better at compartmentalizing it though, for better or for worse.

I have a lot of Hugo Boss Sharp Fit Dress Shirts (17 ½ 34/35) in excellent condition that I’m looking to sell. Hit me up if interested.

I found a great deal on a Fuji X100F a couple days ago. It hasn’t arrived yet, but wondering if anyone has any experience/tips for using it for everyday/street style photography? 📷

So I can throw away the weed-eater since it most definitely does not bring me joy? Right? That’s how this works?

My wife and I have completed the Facebook purge. After making sure no 3rd party apps and services were connected to our Facebooks, downloading all of our data, and clearing all history of FB…we both have completely deleted our accounts. And it feels good.

Inside (and outside) of it, I’m using a variety of pouches/bags/accessories from TOPO Designs, Condor, Tom Bihn, Triple Aught Design, and GORUCK.