10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Like Me

by Matt Langford

As a consumer, I legitimately enjoy researching certain items before buying. Often times this results in paying more up front for something that will save me in the long run. Other times, it's clear the budget option is the smartest buy.

In any case, here are 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas in a variety of categories.


If you know anything about me, you know I'm a believer in carrying a pocket knife. While you can get $15 knives at Walmart or $800 custom jobs, I recommend grabbing the We Banter.

We Banter

It's a non-intimidating, easy to use, workhorse of a knife. It's made for people who like the utility of one, plan on really using it, and don't need pocket jewelry.


As a dad, carrying a pen is almost essential. Yes, it's great to have for signing receipts/documents, scribbling notes, or doodling. But the real power is its ability to occupy the kids when needed (such as when eating out).

Grab this exact pack and he'll be amazed at how such an unassuming looking pen can write. He'll forever stop carrying random pens he finds around the house/office.


There's having tools. Then there's having the right tool. Then there's having the BEST right tool. Once he uses these Knipex Pliers, he'll wonder how he ever worked with anything else.


You've probably heard about them by now, but if your dad has an iPhone, grab him one or more of these $30 AirTags to attach to his keys/backpack/dog/etc. Never lose anything again!


It isn't some high tech, modern gaming system. But it will occupy your dad for quite a while, especially in the moments he has some down time. This New York Times Mini Crossword Puzzles Book is both fun and addicting.


Whether your dad wears dress shoes or work boots (or anything in between) on a daily basis, he'll need something for around the house. Sure you could get him some old fashioned house shoes, but why not opt for something better?

They're not pretty, but his feet will thank you if you get him some of these Under Armour Slides.


iOttie has been making the best vehicle phone mounts for years. This vent mount fits virtually any phone and works like a charm.


Every guy loves Whataburger (sorry In-N-Out people) and Yeti. So why not combine the two? It screams "I'm a Dad and I know what I want."


The Avi-8 Hawker is a fantastic watch with a high end look at a mid range price. It's classy and sporty at the same time. Casual or dressy, it works.


If your dad is an AppleWatch guy, you can't go wrong with this Leather Link made by Apple. It's insanely high quality and ridiculously cool.


You may have seen athletes on TV using fancy massagers that look like some sort of futuristic laser gun. While the ones they use cost upwards of $500, the average Dad won't have any use for that.

Instead, get this perfectly adequate (and very highly rated) massage gun and let the guy relax!

Some links above are affiliate links that may kick a few pennies my way if you make a purchase.