Using the Shortcuts App to Post to My Blog

After a lot of work in the Shortcuts app attempting to create an easy way to post to my blog, I finally settled on what works best for me. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. I write and format the post in Drafts. If I need to insert an image, I simply write the word IMAGE on its own line as a placeholder.
  2. I run the Shortcut using the Share Sheet from within Drafts. The Shortcut asks me for the Title, Category, and any Images. When I choose images, it replaces the word IMAGE with the selected image (after resizing and converting it). If it requires more than 1 image, it cycles through and puts them in the correct places and order. It also adds the correct Front Matter and gives me the final draft.
  3. Using Working Copy’s URL Scheme, it places the post and the images in the correct places.
  4. I manually open Working Copy and commit/push what’s needed. I know I could also automate this step to some degree, but I prefer doing it manually at this point.

To this point, I am able to write full posts, microposts, and posts with and without images flawlessly with this Shortcut.

I would share the shortcut, but it uses a lot of information that only pertains to this blog. If you’d like to create something similar and are having issues, I am glad to try to help out.